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With the WooLee Winder You Will:

The WooLee Winder
      Spin a more consistent yarn

      Spin more yarn in less time

      Ply like never before

      Never change hooks again

      Have more fun with spinning

Dont take our word for it. Let 12 year old Torrin will tell you about the WooLee Winder.

Originally designed and patented by Robert W. Lee in 1984, the WooLee Winder has come to be known as one of the greatest modern advancements in handspinning. Those spinners who have the opportunity to enjoy these unique flyers experience a whole new world in handspinning free from bothersome hooks on the flyer and messily-filled bobbins that can tangle when plying or winding from them.

The WooLee Winder Company, founded by Nathan Lee, is now bringing you the WooLee Winder. We are continually expanding our product line to bring the WooLee Winder to more wheels than ever before. See the models now currently available by viseting our STORE.

The WooLee Winder is a complete custom flyer unit that integrates seamlessly with your spinning wheel. Simply remove the standard flyer from your wheel and install the WooLee Winder. That's all it takes to start enjoying your spinning in a whole new way.

Some of the benefits of using the WooLee Winder are that you will be able to:

Spin a More Consistent Yarn
Constantly checking on your bobbin as it fills can be a frustrating part of spinning. The interruption of stopping to change to the next hook breaks your rhythm making it more difficult to spin a consistent yarn.

Spin More Yarn in Less Time
The WooLee Winder will save you many small bits of time that can really add up. You can spin an entire bobbin full without stopping to change any hooks. In addition, winding your yarn levelly onto the bobbin means that you can fit a lot more yarn on each bobbin making bobbin changes less frequent. Also, most of the WooLee Winder bobbins are larger then the original bobbins for that wheel. This added capacity lets you put up to twice as much yarn on each bobbin. Many spinners have said that they can save as much as 1/3 of their spinning time using their WooLee Winder.

Ply Like Never Before
You'll think of plying in a totally different light when you use your WooLee Winder. You'll be able to ply an entire bobbin of yarn in only a few minutes and without stopping. This will allow you to ply evenly and consistently. Plying from WooLee Winder bobbins can also help to improve your plying experience since the yarn on these bobbins will unwind smoothly without any of the problems experienced with hook-wound bobbins.

Never Change Hooks Again
The patented level-wind mechanism built into the flyer arm moves automatically as you let in the yarn. This moving eyelet allows you to fill the entire bobbin smoothly and effortlessly.

Have More Fun with Spinning
You'll enjoy handspinning more then ever with the WooLee Winder. Its smooth, effortless action lets you do the spinning and lets your equipment do the work.      

We Guarantee It!

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