Commonly Asked Questions

      Will the WooLee Winder affect the type of yarn that I can spin?

      I have two different wheels. Can I use one WooLee Winder on both of them?

      Can I use the bobbins that came with my wheel on the WooLee Winder?

      My Ashford bobbins don't fit on my Ashford lazy kate.
      That's because the WooLee Winder bobbins are longer than the bobbins that come with the Ashford wheel. This allows you to put more yarn on the bobbin. A very serviceable lazy kate can be made out of a small, sturdy cardboard box with metal knitting needles put through it to hold the bobbins.

      Will my WooLee Winder ever wear out?

      The WooLee Winder is designed to provide you with thousands of hours of trouble-free spinning with only minor cleaning and maintenance needed. If your winder should ever fail to function properly, simply send it to us and, for a small fee, we will restore your winder to good-as-new condition.